Scripts, web sites and shit

Festival Specials (discontinued)

Festival Specials is a website that allows users to book the closest available hotel to their preferred festivals.

MeetupRadar (discontinued)

MeetupRadar is an events listings website to help promoting technology events in Spain.

Open Source Software


Evento is a PHP script that allows you to create your own events social network. Your users will be able to submit events, post comments and upload photos.


Taskground is a workforce management tool for mobile teams. Schedule tasks on a map and assign them to your team members.

Reversi Heroes

Reversi Heroes is an online multiplayer version of the Reversi board game. Players can use the in-game chat to find new opponents and comment game strategies.


Bloodline is a simple and easy to use desktop application to keep track of your blood preassure readings.


Poet is a simple and easy to use web application that allows anyone to publish Markdown files directly from a Dropbox folder.

Selling on third party marketplaces

Uploader (discontinued)

Uploader is a super-easy to use script for sharing files with expiration date. Download links can expire by days or by number of downloads.

Reminders (discontinued)

Reminders is a small PHP script that allows you, and your users, to schedule reminder emails. It will send you the emails on the specified date to help you remember anything you want.

Promoter (discontinued)

Create your own upcoming events website, let your visitors discover your events and share them on social networks. Your events will be more popular than ever.

Rikisimo (discontinued)

Rikisimo is a PHP script that allows you to create ratings and reviews sites. With Rikisimo your users will be able to rate and review anything you can place on a map.

Coupon (discontinued)

Allow your users to download files using coupon codes. Keep track of how many times a file has been downloaded and who downloaded it.

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